Agenda - Digital Payments Americas 2014


09:00 The Future of Banking
Beyond vertical integration: strategies to connect to the digital ecosystem through APIs and platforms. What are the implications and opportunities for banks?
Understanding new business models and redefining scale in the digital economy:  The Whatsapp case & thoughts on digital currencies
Crowdsourced innovation: how can we leverage digital tools to innovate? Trends and best practices in the market
Understanding millennials: catering to a new customer base
As digital innovation advances rapidly, banks are re-defining their traditional roles and integrating into the larger digital ecosystem in different ways. In this interactive session, main trends impacting the future of banking will be presented, including emerging agile business models, strategies to connect to existing applications and platforms, crowdsourcing to leverage market insight, and the characteristics and needs of the new digital consumer.  Participants will engage in an open discussion regarding these challenges and how banks and other companies can capitalize on the opportunities.
Jorge Ruiz, Managing Director, Business Development & Digital Banking Head for Latin America, Citibank
10:40 Coffee and speed networking
BEYOND NFC: Exploring, examining and evaluating contactless technologies 
Examining the value proposition for NFC in Latin America and the Caribbean 
Moving beyond NFC: Considering the possibilities for alternative proximity payments
What are the use cases for proximity payments? Examining successful initiatives  across the region
In this interactive seminar, the speaker(s) will discuss the varying states of contactless deployments across the region and explore the business case for scaling up existing contactless networks and/or deploying new infrastructures. The experts will also be examining which, if any, technologies will ‘win’ in the LAC payments ecosystem.
12:20 Lunch and networking 

13:20 Trust, security and liquidity:  Key ingredients for driving consumer adoption of digitized cash
Promoting trust and investing in education to increase consumer knowledge and uptake
Creating a secure payments platform with KYC, AML and other data identity management and consumer protection strategies in its foundation
Enabling liquidity to foster consumer behavioural change
Lack of trust in digitized cash and mobile payments is one of the region’s biggest growth inhibitors.  Join this session to hear about a new approach for creating a digitized cash ecosystem with three critical ingredients:  trust, security and liquidity.  This session will examine the importance of selecting the right technology partners, ensuring compliance with all central bank regulations, and enabling the necessary levels of security and risk management.   In addition, this session will discuss the various elements needed to promote consumer trust and drive adoption.
SESSION LEADER: Steve Novak, Chairman and C.E.O, Quisk, Inc.
15:20 End of Digital Payments Day One


10:00 Capturing Latin America’s nascent market for mobile and internet shopping
Integrating eCommerce with mobile payments: What does the future have in store?
Taking in-store online: Integrating ecommerce with your multichannel strategy
Building a B2B eCommerce ecosystem: Examining challenges and benefits of a B2B model of ecommerce
In this interactive seminar, the speaker(s) will discuss how to progress the e-commerce ecosystem in LAC, tackling the many issues surrounding the development of a cohesive e-commerce ecosystem. Topics to be addressed include: executing an effective marketing strategy and creating a user experience which will incentivise the adoption of ecommerce as a formal purchase channel. We will also ask how are retail stores best placed to integrate ecommerce in their multichannel strategies and will draw upon various successful global case studies to provide multiple solutions. The speakers will also examine B2B e-commerce in LAC and how to drive its adoption.
SESSION LEADER: Iván Marchant, Vice President Sales, Mexico, ComScore
11:40 Coffee and networking
12:20 Creating trust and promoting security to close the loop in online transactions
Promoting trust and investing in consumer education to encourage uptake and increase consumer knowledge
Enabling behavioural change through effective consumer communications strategies
Join the panellists as they discuss the importance of a clearly defined communications strategy as a key mechanism of creating consumer trust through promoting the security of their systems, creating a change in behaviour and uplift in transaction volume. This session will examine the importance of selecting the right technology partners, and ensuring that your strategy remains focussed not only on issues of risk and security which affect back-end processes, but on the integral issue of customer identity protection. 
14:00 Lunch and networking 

15:00 Creating a first class customer experience
Optimising your online store for the mobile channel to encourage conversion
Prioritising design, navigation and speed when creating your ecommerce platform
Mapping and influencing the path to sale with consumer transaction data
User experience is perhaps the single most important factor which contributes towards ‘shopping cart abandonment’, and the perceived difficulty of online transactions is multiplied by the absence of a user-friendly transaction platform, or ease of navigation on customer portals.  In this interactive seminar, the speaker(s) will discuss how consumer transaction data should form an essential component of your digital strategy, how to understand and utilize data to inform and optimise consumer touchpoints and positively affect transaction volume and increase relevance, retention and ROI
SESSION LEADER: Andre Cavero Rodriguez, Associate Executive, Telefónica Móviles
16:30 End of Digital Payments Day Two